Snitterfield Pavilion Project

Snitterfield Cricket Club, in partnership with the Parish Council, is planning to deliver a much-needed replacement pavilion on the Wolverton Road Playing Field. This will benefit sport but also other community groups and events, and complement plans to improve other facilities on the field. Use the links provided to find out more...

BREAKING NEWS! We have secured planning permission for the proposed pavilion. Now we just need money!

How the exterior will look

Preview of internal layout and surroundings

The pavilion supports activities on the 6 acre village playing field; not just cricket and football but also community events such as the annual Village Fete. The existing pavilion is not fit-for-purpose. It is in a very poor state of repair, has issues with asbestos and ventilation, and lacks ECB-compliant changing facilities.

The new pavilion will bring the following benefits:

We need funds and friends to make this happen! Click here to find out how you can help