About Snitterfield Cricket Club

Snitterfield Cricket Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club, a non-profit entity dedicated to providing amateur sport and associated social benefits to local residents. Note that we are entirely separate from Snitterfield Sports Club which operates on the other side of Wolverton Road and offers Tennis and Bowls, as well as a bar and function room.

The Cricket Club is a phoenix risen from the ashes of a fire that burned brightly throughout the first seven decades of the 20th century, until finally growing cold in the early 1970's. But for the dedication and commitment of founder Lee Hillier, it may well have remained as such. Lee badgered and cajoled his cricketing friends, the village populace and just about anyone who entered the portals of the village stores, to give up a Sunday afternoon or two, for a friendly game against this village or that.

Many escaped the press-gang tactics, the lucky ones among us suffered a momentary lapse of reasoning and said "Yes!" That was back in 2001. Since then, the Club has become part and parcel of the village scene and has strengthened this bond with the construction of the new pitch and by transforming the run-down youth hut into a pavilion of sorts, enjoyed by both village cricket and football teams.

The Club and the Community

The Cricket Club has continuing plans to develop the game and will be working hard this year again to secure funding for improvements to our facilities and equipment, for coaching sessions for the children in the village and surrounding area, and to ensure that the pupils at Snitterfield Primary School are able to enjoy and benefit from extra activities that the education authorities do not provide.

The Club Badge

The Snitterfield Cricket Club badge features the Common Snipe (Gallinago Gallinago) perched upon a cricket ball, set against rolling green fields and a typical English summer sky.

It is generally accepted that the village derives its name from the bird which was once a frequent visitor and as many of the village's clubs and societies use it for their badges, it seemed churlish not to do so too.

The backdrop borrows from the village's elevated position providing uninterrupted views across the Avon Valley and beyond.

The badge was designed by Glenn Richards.